Some of your Questions:

Q. What are your hours of operation?

We’re open Monday through Friday, 8:00am-5:00pm.

Q. Which cities do you photograph?

We cover a 45 mile radius from our office in Minneapolis at no charge. For properties outside our coverage area, we charge a trip fee for the photographer's extra time and mileage. Please contact Customer Service for a quote.

Q. What is an “Arrival Window”?

An arrival window is a 2 hour block of time in which the photographer will be arriving at the property.

Q. Why can’t I schedule a specific time with the photographer?

We schedule a window to provide our photographers with some flexibility.

Our photographers can encounter issues at a previous shoot or traffic and weather delays.

Q. Will the photographer call me on the way to the property?

Yes, the photographer will provide courtesy call when they’re roughly 30 minutes from the property.

Q. Can I request a specific photographer?

Yes. We always do our best to schedule you with your preferred photographer(s). Please note, requesting a specific photographer may affect the date and/or time of the appointment.

Q. How should I prepare my home for photography?

When an appointment is scheduled, we include the Home Photography Checklist with the appointment email. The checklist has suggestions for getting your home “photo ready”. We recommend de-cluttering the home as much as possible.

Homecoming Checklist PDF

Q. When will I receive the photographs?

We provide next business day and Saturday processing. For example, if a property is photographed on a Monday, you’ll receive the photos by the end of the business day on Tuesday. Photos taken on a Friday, will be ready by the end of business day on Saturday.

Q. Can I get my photos first thing in the morning?

We always do our best to get the photos to you as quickly as possible, however, we guarantee the photos by the end of the business day.

Q. Do you offer rush processing?

Yes, we offer next day delivery before noon for an additional $50.00. If you would like next day delivery before noon, please add it to your cart on the services page.

Q. How many photos will I receive?

Please see our Services and Pricing Page

Q. Should I meet the photographer at the property?

If there are specific compositions you’d like the photographer to take, we do encourage you to meet the photographer at the property. We are also happy to have the photographer use a lock box to access the home.

Q. What time of day should the property be photographed?

It may depend on which direction the property faces. Normally, we photograph east-facing properties in the morning so that sunlight is on the front of the home. If the home has a unique backyard or is west facing, we would recommend scheduling an afternoon shoot. For north-facing properties, we typically try to avoid mid-day since this can cause the entire property to be in shadow. It’s normally best to shoot south facing properties after 10am for lighting. There may also be other conditions to consider. For example, a heavily wooded property may be best to photograph on an overcast day to avoid harsh shadows and neutralize lighting issues.

Q. What time will the photographer shoot the Exterior Shoot?

In order to keep the price of exterior shoots affordable, we provide the date of the shoot. When requested, we can provide an estimated time (AM, Midday or PM) but not a specific time period. Our photographer will stop at the property when it best fits into their schedule. The photographer will give you a courtesy call on the way to the property.

Q. Can I order exteriors now and interiors later?

Yes, you’re able to order an Exterior Shoot now and when the interiors are ready, the interior package that you’d like.

Q. While the photographer is on the property, can they photograph a nearby attraction (i.e. lake, restaurant, school, park)?

Yes, please select the add-on package “Point of Interest” and we’d be happy to capture the additional location.

Q. Do you offer weekend photography sessions?

Weekend photoshoot availability is contingent upon our photographers' schedules. Should you desire a photoshoot during the weekend, please choose your preferred date prior to placing your order. Please note that weekend shoots carry an additional charge of $75.00.

Q. What is your cancellation and rescheduling policy?

We request notification of a scheduling change or cancellation 24 hours before the appointment. Appointments canceled less than 24 hours before are subject to our $35.00 cancellation fee.

Q. What is your bad weather policy?

We understand that Minnesota weather is unpredictable, to say the very least. If you’d like to reschedule due to weather, please call the office.

Q. Can you add my photos I provide to the slideshow?

Yes, if you (the agent or seller) took the photos. Due to potentially complicated copyright issues, we’re unable to include photographs taken by other photographers.

Q. I requested a photo and the photographer forgot to take it, can they go back?

Of course, we stand behind our work and we’re always happy to make it right.

Q. I didn’t request the photo initially but I now realize I need it, can you send the photographer back?

If the request wasn’t mentioned in the notes section or told to the photographer, we would need to charge a $55.00 return trip fee.

Q. Can you edit or remove damage or imperfections in photos?

We’re happy to remove minor imperfections or blemishes if you’re planning on having the issue fixed. We always make an effort to avoid misrepresenting a home. For major edits such as adding grass to a yard or repaving a drive way, we would charge an editing fee. Please contact the office for a specific quote.