All Homecoming Photo Packages Include Unbranded and Branded Slideshows


Square Footage

Our veteran photographers capture a property using their unparalleled technical skills and unique understanding of the attributes that appeal to potential buyers. Our in-house team of editors process the images using an array of enhancements, creating a singularly distinct and alluring product.

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Sq Ft Images Price
Up to 1,000 SqFt 18 $160.00
1,001-2,000 24 $180.00
2,001-3,000 32 $200.00
3,001-4,000 40 $245.00
4,001-5,000 48 $265.00
5,001-6,000 55 $300.00
6,001-7,000 60 $350.00
7,001-8,000 65 $400.00
8,001-9,000 70 $450.00
9,001-10,000 80 $525.00

What Is Included

Blue Sky Restoration
Fireplace FX
TV Enhancement
Enhanced Window Views
Video Slideshow (for YouTube)

Additional Addons

Block of 10 Additional Photos $65.00
Amenities $30.00
Art House Compositions $35.00
Points of Interest $10.00


Introducing Matterport by Homecoming Photography. Matterport 3D tours are perfect for virtual showings and walkthroughs. We're offering Matterport at a reduced price so agents have access to the right tools, no matter the price point of the home.

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Up to 3,000 SqFt $125
3000-6000 SqFt $175
6000-10000 SqFt $225

Add a Floorplan with measurements for an additional $35.

The same discounted price with or without photos.

Video Options

We offer modern video options perfect for promoting your property and brand on multiple social media platforms. Our video services were developed by studying the media habits of potential buyers.

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Pricing (with interior photos)

40 seconds $200 (aerial exterior and interior)
60 seconds $250 (aerial exterior and interior)
60 seconds aerial video $200
Cinematic 1 $350
Cinematic 2 $500

Pricing (without interior photos)

40 seconds $225 (aerial exterior and interior)
60 seconds $275 (aerial exterior and interior)
60 seconds aerial video $225
Cinematic 1 $375
Cinematic 2 $525

Aerial Shoots

Drone photography elevates a listing by showcasing its unique views, acreage, home features, and other location highlights. Our aerial photography is great for agents and sellers who want to add the “wow” factor to their listings.

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6 Images $100
12 Images $200

Dusk Shoots

One agency compared the results from a professional daytime photoshoot with a dusk shoot, and found that the dusk shoot had 50% more traffic. Dusk images can breathe new life into a previously listed property or set a new listing apart from the rest.

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5 Images $150
10 Images $225

Exterior Shoots

Interiors not ready yet? Looking to pre-list? Or, you just need to update your photos for the new season.

Our affordable packages are perfect for exterior-only shoots.

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Standard Exterior 10 images $55
Acreage Exterior 20 images $105

Motion Photos

(photo add-on)

We convert images to moving video. Ideal for social media posts and advertising.

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1 Images $35
2 Images $60
Add your branding for an additional $10 per video.

Virtual Staging

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Pricing (per image)

Virtual Staging $35
Virtual Renovation $55
Day to Dusk $25

À La Carte

Our fully customizable option for properties that don’t fit into the traditional square footage approach.

Block of 10 Photos

$65 - Add blocks of 10 photos

Blue Skies Restoration

$20 - All Exterior Photos, Blue Skies, rain or shine

Fireplace FX

$10 - All Fireplaces. Add warmth to spaces with flames

TV Enhancement

$10 - Dynamic images added to TV screens add depth and vibrance

Point of Interest

$10 - 1 location / 5 photos. Provide a sense of lifestyle by capturing neighboring attractions

Enhanced Window Views

$20 - All Interior Photos. Make a property come alive by bringing the outdoors inside


$30 - Showcase the unique amenities your property has to offer

Art House Compositions

$35 - Captured using a variety of specialized lenses to elevate your listing

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